Where is the pizza rules and clues

We have hidden a “virtual pizza”… The pizza could be anywhere…

We will post clues on our Facebook page and will also post them here on our Website.  The winner will receive one FREE large 2 topping pizza a month for 6 months… Each individual can make one guess a day as to the pizza’s whereabouts under the comments or on our Facebook wall…  Good luck…

*The pizza you see in the picture is located at our 29th and Willamette store and is not at the location of the contest.

Start your thinking caps — get ready, get set, START GUESSING!

CLUE #1  ”The pizza is located within the delivery area of one of our 3 locations.”

CLUE #2   “I will not be found with a traditional address…”

CLUE #3 “I will be found on the north side of the Willamette River”

CLUE #4 “I’m in, I’m out, I’m up, I’m down…” Where you’ll find me is in the middle..

CLUE #5 “People of all ages have gathered here”

CLUE #6 “For most it took a lot of hard work and dedication to get where I’m at”

CLUE #7 “Over the years I’ve experienced a lot. While I may not be 100 I’m older than 50”

CLUE #8 “I’m named after a person, my location sits in one city, in my full name is the name of the other city”

CLUE #9 “It will be easier to find me using the alphabet than presidents”

CLUE #10 “some nights I’ve been known to have a radiant glow”

CLUE #11 “Horses and Loggers have spent a lot of time on my grounds”

CLUE#12 “I’ve seen my share of reverses and end runs”


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